Why you should stop wearing makeup to the gym


We like to wear makeup because it gives us self-confidence and makes us beautiful. But there are times when we should give up on it, like when we go to the gym. Here’s the truth about makeup at the gym!

Dermatologists are very vehement about this and warn that skin can face many problems when it’s not clean. Moreover, if you want to camouflage imperfections, there is a risk of worsening the situation.

Makeup on the skin doesn’t help toxins penetrate the epidermis to be eliminated, causing blackheads, clogged pores and pimples.

Physical exercise also means the natural detoxification of the body through sweat. Only in this way toxins are eliminated. Makeup prevents this process because it blocks the pores.

The skin breathes
The gym is the last place where someone expects to look super fresh and impeccable. But a physical exercise session is not just a break from the day-to-day rhythm, but also a break from the freshness of the skin. Let your skin breathe and enjoy the beneficial effects of the movement without asking yourself every moment if you are beautiful!

The aesthetic factor
Have you heard of the phenomenon of “panda eye”? It refers to the dark color of the dark circles, but also the effect of flowing mascara. Most of the time, when you workout or do aerobics, you feel the need to wipe your face, don’t you?

Imagine that besides the mascara, you can also have unsightly, orange or beige stains, which reveal the natural color of your skin.

Business card
What is the main reason why you decided to go to the gym? I’m sure you want a beautiful body, not to socialize or to compete with somebody. The gym is the place where you talk about yourself through the exercises you make, not through the immaculate aspect of the skin.

Makeup at the gym