Why Shouldn’t You Drink Water In A Standing Position?


Drink water! Surely you’ve heard at least once this advice, not just during the summer! Doctors, nutritionists, your mother, your best friends, etc. obsessively repeat the same advice! Being encouraged almost all the time to drink water , we begin to believe that there is no danger associated with the fluid of life.

But today you will change your opinion after you will find out the reason you shouldn’t drink water in a standing position.

You risk to get sick with gastroesophageal reflux disease or ulcer

Does it sound too serious to be the simple consequence of the harmless gesture of drinking water just standing on your feet? Specialists believe that this is the beginning of this disease! The cause is representing by the spraying of the esophagus walls, this time with water, which leads to disruption of stomach acids that move downwards, causing gastric burns, reflux disease or ulcer.

You’re nervous and stressed all the time

The signals we transmit to our bodies through simple gestures are more important than they seem at first sight. Drinking water from your feet, not matter how relaxed you are, actually gives to your body the impression that you are hurrying, which disturbs all its functions, but it also alters your mood. Consequence? You’re nervous, stressed, anxious, not even knowing why!

You risk to make arthritis

Yes, you will not get sick immediately if you drink water in a standing position, but the accumulation of fluids in your body in the vertical position will dangerously get you close to this disease. By disturbing this balance of liquids in your body, you will later confront with with back and wrists pain that can degenerate into arthritis.

You can  suffer from indigestion

The digestive system is not affected by drinking water in the vertical position only by the fragility of the gastric walls, but also by the tension of the stomach muscles. Standing up, give the body the feeling that you are on the run and that you have to hurry to digest the food and, along with it, the drinking water. And from here to indigestion it’s just a step!