What you need to know about homeopathy


A complementary method of treatment, set up by the German doctor Samuel Hahneman and used around the world – this is how we can describe homeopathy. Homeopathy also uses drugs, like granules, not just homemade remedies.

Homeopathic granules can be touched without any problem, and this statement destroys the myth that the active principle in homeopathic remedies is on the surface of the granules, and if you touch them you can affect their quality.

The best form of administration of these granules is either by swallowing or by keeping them sublingual until completely dissolved.

The difference between homeopathic and allopathic
Allopathy basically fights with the affections by directly attacking symptoms while homeopathy encourages the symptoms of healing. Homeopathy also deals with the study of the causes that led to the installation of certain diseases so that after its identification the treatment scheme is applied.

Homeopathic treatments are the best choice when it comes to treating various diseases, especially for children, pregnant women and the elderly.

In the case of children, the beneficial effects can best be seen faster because their body reacts much faster and much better. However, there is no overnight healing. You must be patient and properly administrate the treatment,  under the close supervision of a specialist.

A good help in treating cancer – Homeopathy is used in all fields of medicine from dentistry to obstetrics. Homeopathic pills are also used among patients diagnosed with cancers or  undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatments, precisely to help them withstand the effects of these aggressive therapies more easily.

In this situation, homeopathy is complemented by allopathies to help the patients and to improve their physical and mental well-being.

Moreover, homeopathy in some cases is the right solution to get rid of problems such as pollen allergy, herpes, rheumatism or headaches, but only if a complete and lasting treatment is followed. You will gradually get rid of the number, duration and intensity of crises.