What to eat based on your blood type


What’s best to eat, if we are considering to our blood type? Nutritionists say we should not avoid any group of foods, regardless of the blood type. Moreover, we should consume everything we like, but should be healthy. Indeed, there are some food indications that take into account the characteristics of the blood type.

Some say people who have blood group A2, for example, should eat more fruits and vegetables and avoid meat. Experts say the information is partly true in the sense that these people need to adopt an equilibrate diet based on vegetable and animal proteins, carbohydrates, fats, carbohydrates, but mainly to consume vegetables and fruits. Why? Because the vegetables and fruits give those with the A2 blood group vitamins and minerals essential to the body.

O1 Blood type – protein diet
Proper nutrition for people with O1 blood group should be largely made up of meat and animal protein products. Meat and fish give them energy, and the body digests them very well. The same can not be said about carbohydrates, which makes digestion difficult. People who have O1 blood type should consume fewer dairy or cereals even if they are part of the good carbohydrate group.

A2 Blood type – vegetarian diet – People with A2 should be vegetarian. Or, in other words, if they consume more fruits and vegetables instead of meat, they would feel better and healthier. Their body assimilates nutrients very well from vegetables, seeds, nuts, fruits and cereals and should avoid eating excessively meat and dairy products because they can make digestion difficult.

B3 Blood type – flexible diet – Do you have blood type B3? It is said that you should have a strong immune system and digestion shouldn’t trouble you. Avoid hazelnuts and nuts because they don’t do you good. Chicken can also be a problem, but not as big as your processed foods can be. You can consume lean meat, eggs and generally quality protein.

AB4 Blood type – dairy diet – The suitable foods for people with this blood type are vegetarian foods and skimmed diaries. You should avoid white and red meat. You can also eat tofu cheese, seafood, but not in excess. Because AB4 blood type people have high gastric acidity, it’s good to focus on alkaline foods, so they have to avoid or reduce alcohol, caffeine, smoke and salt.