What it means if you have these two dimples on your back


I’m sure you noticed some people who have two dimples at the base of the spine, or you have them. Well, everyone finds them appealing, but not everyone has them.

Or rather, they are not visible to everyone.

These dimples, considered unanimously a sign of beauty, are commonly called Venus holes, and scientifically are called fossae lumbales laterales (lateral lumbar fossa). They are created by a ligament that connects the iliac bone to the sacred bone. Their visibility is given by the joints that make this connection, but also by … genetic inheritance or body weight.

In conclusion, these two dimples are present to all people, but it depends on how pronounced they are to each of us. However, they are more observable on skinny people, since those dips are supple.

On people with a few extra pounds, Venus holes are filled with adipose tissue, which is why they are not visible.

What is the meaning of these two dimples?

Since ancient times, these signs were considered a trademark of beauty, from where comes the popular name. But in modernity, especially during the sexual revolution, these two dimples said that a person was good in bed. Also about women who have this sign on the body is also said that they can go reach faster to orgasm compared to the others. The explanation would be that women in the first category are in shape, have muscle mass and therefore energy.

What can you do to obtain the Venus holes? There are exercises that involve the muscles of the lumbar region and that can help you, if you wish, to obtain the Venus holes. Also, people who want lumbar dimples should take care to maintain a certain percentage of body fat: between 6 and 12 percent for men and between 13 and 20 percent for women.