What happens if you apply lemon peel on your heels


You had a full summer, I’m sure you see this on your heels. Walking through sand, comfortable shoes like sandals or slippers, all are to blame for cracked heels and thickened skin. Do not worry! You can solve this problem quickly at home.

Sometimes these little homemade tricks work better than anything on the market and promise quick effects. This time, lemon will be your remedy!

Cut a lemon in half, squeeze it and put it on your heels. Put a pair of socks and keep the lemon on your heels for 30 minutes, then apply the moisturizing cream. For best results, repeat this procedure 2-3 times a week.

Another good treatment for cracked heels is to soften your feet for 30 minutes in hot water in which you put two handfuls of grungy salt. While standing with your feet soaked, relax, watch a movie or a magazine.

You can not imagine how soft your heels will be. Then apply a moisturizing cream on that area, and the skin will absorb it much faster. In this way, you will keep your heels soft for several days.

Honey is used for its ability to soften the dry, rough skin. Honey has a strong hydrating effect as well as antibacterial properties, preventing the development of microbes on the surface of the skin. Dissolve 250 grams of honey in a 2-3 liter pot filled with water, pour the water in a big recipient and hold your feet for 20 minutes.