What does your palm line reveal about your love life and marriage?


Chiromancy says that in our palms, love and luck can be read in the lines of love. This is about the line of heart and the line of marriage, which you can follow, analyzing what they predict. What does your palm line reveal about your love life and marriage?

The important lines of the palm that are talking about love and the ability to give love are the heart line and the attachment line.

The first horizontal line at the top of the palm, the one that starts under the index finger and ends under the small finger, is the heart line.

Above the heart line and parallel to it, starting from the space between the index finger and the middle finger, you can observe more fine lines, that are representing the sentimental bonds throughout life. These are called attachment lines or marriage lines, but they may be missing out on some people.

The heart line speaks about luck in love

  • if  it is thin and interrupted shows inconsistency in emotional feelings and instability;
  • if it is deep and well drawn, it shows a soul capable of giving much love and sacrificing itself;
  • if it is thickened under the index finger, shows more passionate relationships in youth;
  • if it is thickened to the outside of the palm, it shows fidelity and devotion to the second part of life, and the lines of love bring you luck.

The marriage line completes the predictions of the love lines

  • if a single line appears above the line of the heart, fine but well-defined, the man will have only one love in life or will marry once and for all;
  • if there are many fine lines but straight, above the heart line, that person will have more passionate relationships before marriage;
  • if the attachment lines are interrupted or tramble, that person may have one or more extramarital adventures.