What Does Demisexuality Mean?


In recent years, a lot of terms appeared to define the sexuality of individuals. Among heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality and asexuality, the term “demisexuality” also become popular. Maybe you didn’t hear from somebody that is “demisexual”, but today it’s time to find out what this term means in case you will hear it.

Demisexuality is physical, sexual attraction to a partner, only in the presence of feelings. More specifically, demisexuals can’t maintain intimate relationships with people who aren’t emotionally connected.

Physical characteristics does’t represent the supreme advantage for a demisexual person, but rather the feelings for someone makes demisexuals feel the desire for a person.

Various specialists studied demisexuality and they came to the conclusion that a demisexual person can be recognized by the following factors:

  • You can feel repulsive for sex if you are not emotionally attracted to the partner.
  • You reports a lot to other asexual people, although demisexuality is considered the middle point between sexual and asexual.
  • You have many close friends and you assure very strong connections with them, because you feel the need to have strong emotional ties.
  • You are accused by other people of having “high standards” and sometimes you may even think that this is true

Most demisexuals have no idea they are demisexual and don’t understand their personal reactions. But they can feel different from other people in their circle of friends, and they can figure out pretty late what they actually arre attracted of.