Ways to Communicate With an Angry Person


In case you are confronting with an angry person, here’s what you need to do! Judith Orloff, a specialist in psychiatry and a professor at UCLA University, explains some steps you can use in order to disarm an angry person:

Step 1: Quit being reactive. Take a break when you’re upset

Slowly pull the air in your chest a few times to relax your body. Count until 10. Don’t react impulsively, nor fall in anger even if the other one is pushing your limits. Reacting like this will only make you weaker. Even if you are tempted to get out of you all the nerves, try not to give up the impulse. Focus on your breath, not on the man. You’ll probably feel angry, but you’ll be calm and you’ll have the situation under control at the same time.

Step 2: Beware of bad words, phone or email

Don’t tale revenge and don’t respoind until you’ve managed to balance yourself. Otherwise you can communicate something that you will regret later or that you will never be able to take back again.

Step 3: Harm, relax and let go

Resistance to pain and strong emotions only exacerbates them. In the martial arts, to find your balance, first you have to breathe deeply. You can later transform your opponent’s energy. Try to stay as neutral and relaxed as possible in front of someone who is angry, instead of resisting them. At this stage, don’t argue or defend yourself.

Step 4: Confirm its position

To disarm an angry person, you have to weaken their tendency to be defensive all the time. Otherwise, they will consolidate their position and won’t move from there. Being in the defense you will stop the opportunity to communicate.