6 Best Ways to Calm a Crying Child

We need to know that for a small child cries because is the main way to communicate. Adults, however, tend to look for quick ways to calm their little ones.

Then, as the baby begins to walk and talk, we expect it to be able to process emotions in the same way an adult does.

A crying child stimulates in every adult the danger feeling of of “fighting or run” and as studies have shown, the human brain is set to respond instantly to a child’s cry, even if that child is not ours. Sometimes we really have to calm our baby and today I will present you some ways to calm a crying baby.

1. “We are a team. I will help you.” Even if your child says he doesn’t want your help at the moment, he actually wants to feel he can reach you whenever he needs you.

2. “I see how hard it’s for you in this moment.” This simple proposition strengthens the confidence of you child that you hear and see him.

3. “Indeed, this is distressed / upsetting / frustrating.” Recognizing the event that caused the cry of the child helps him to see in particular what caused his emotion and for the future, he learns how to react to similar stimuli.

4. “Let’s take a break.” This way, you and your child get out of that situation. This help your child to understand that sometimes it’s good to move away from a situation and calm down. Your baby is maybe tired or hyper-excited and then he needs time in peace, a quiet place before will resumes his activities.

5. “I love you. You are safe.” This expression invites your child to connection. The crying child may need a hug, a hint, or a handcuff, to reconfirm that you are indeed with him.

6. “Would you like to help / pause / try again? “Sometimes when children cry because of frustration, they need one of these three actions: to be helped to solve the frustration reason, to take a break from it or to try to resolve the request again, possibly with assistance. Asking him what he wants and without suggesting what to do, helping him to gain self-confidence, feeling important and capable.