Unusual uses for aluminum foil


Aluminum foil is useful in the kitchen of any housewife. It is ideal for packing various foods or can successfully replace baking paper. Aluminum foil can also be used for other purposes. Today, you will read about some unusual uses for aluminum foil in the article below.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

Unusual uses of aluminum foil:

– efficient ironing of clothes. Put the aluminum foil on the ironing board and cover it with a piece of material. The iron will slip much easier, and the clothes will look amazing.

– moving heavy objects. Are you moving to a new house? Cover the legs of the furniture pieces in aluminum foil and they will slip more easily on any surface without scratching it;

– removing grease from the grill. Crinkle a piece of aluminum foil. You will form a ball with which you will easily clean the fat on the grill.

– matching the remote control batteries. Are the batteries smaller than needed? Don’t worry. Put an aluminum foil on one of the terminals and use those batteries!

– contributes to the health of your hair. It is not a joke! Here’s what you need to do:

1. Put a mask over the length of hair before washing (you can use a natural mask based on olive oil).

2. After applying the mask, divide the hair into several thick twigs (10-15) and wrap each one in aluminum foil.

3. Rinse the hair after half an hour.

Explanation: The mask penetrates better the hair because of the aluminum foil. Hair shine is assured!

From now on, you can use these clever tricks to simplify your life. Aluminum foil is cheap, you can buy it from any market and can save you from many situations. These are just a part the aluminum foil uses. You can find numerous uses like wrapping certain part of the body to get rid of pain or to remove nail polish.[/expand]