This is why you shouldn’t dry your clothes on the radiator


Many people still dry their clothes on warm radiators, not knowing or ignoring the fact that this habit can put your health in danger. I will explain in the following article the reason you should stop doing this.

Risks – By drying your clothes on the radiator you can spread the mold to the house! And these mushrooms can slowly get you sick. Respiratory and pulmonary infections are the main diseases that mold can transmit to you.

Bigger problems have patients with asthma (coughing and difficulty in breathing). For people with a weakened immune system, such as cancer patients treated with chemotherapy and AIDS patients and those with autoimmune diseases, the fungus can cause pulmonary aspergillosis. It’s a condition that can cause incurable and sometimes fatal lung damage.

Explanation –  Clothes dried on the radiator, can raise the moisture level in the house by up to 30%, which will be a good environment for the development of mold spores.

Conclusion – Dry the laundry outside or on the dryer, away from bedrooms and living room.