This Is Why You Should NEVER Blow Out Candles On A Birthday Cake


Celebrating a birthday is not complete without friends and without … blowing candles. We make this gesture symbolising that our desire will become reality. But new studies show that the delicate “blowing,” though symbolic, can ruin any party, because it can have negative consequences for those around you and endanger them. How is this possible? Find ¬†out the reason now!

According to new studies, the candle blow can increase the number of bacteria on the surface of the cake by 1400 percents. We are taught to sneeze by keeping the hand on the mouth and not use the objects used by those around us. But nobody teaches us that it is not good to give contaminated cake to our guests.

Researchers at Clemson University in South Carolina have published a study explaining exactly what happens when someone pulls air in the chest and then removes it on the surface of the cake. Scientists used a fake cake on which a chosen person breathed, and compared it to another cake that didn’t come in contact with anyone’s exhaled air and saliva. The level of bacteria on the cake that had the candles blown, as you already suspect, was much higher than the intact cake level.
Although not all the bacteria we are exhale are dangerous, there are some bacteria that can cause illness to those around us. Especially when we are cold, we have a lot of chances to get our guests sick by giving them slices of cake with our bacteria.

Blowing candles must be forbidden mostly in the case of children, who do not have the blowing technique developed so well. Often, the little ones also contain a large amount of saliva, saliva that gets on the cake slices of those who participate at the event.