These daily habits make you look older


Some things you usually do will lead to the premature aging of your skin. And you do not want that, do you? Although some may seem absolutely innocent, there are some habits that can make us aging before time.

1. Take care of your sleep. The position you adopt during the night counts a lot. Do not sleep with your face in your pillow. It is advisable to choose to sleep on your back, keeping your face up. Also, it is recommended to have cotton pillowcases. If you can’t control your sleep, at least your face will stay on a healthy textile, that can absorb the oil from your face.

2. Beware of using the air conditioning. The air conditioning will dry your skin and lead to its premature aging.

3. Always wear sunglasses, but especially in summer to protect yourself from UV rays that are extremely harmful to your skin.

4. Never take long and hot showers. Use lukewarm water in the shower, and wash on the face with cold water or micellar water.

5. Take care of what you eat. As you already know, nutrition is extremely important, and vitamin-rich foods will help your skin look impeccably.