The reason you should put wadding in the trash can


The trash can spread around unpleasant smells. Most of these smells are hard to bear and are getting worse as you keep the garbage in the house. Of course, these troubles can’t be avoided, but they can be neutralized.

The healthiest and safest solution is to throw the garbage as often as possible. If, for various reasons, you happen to keep it longer than you should in the kitchen (or bathroom), and the smells spread quickly, you have an ingenious solution!

Here is how to neutralize the odors in the trash:

Ingredients: medical wadding and essential oil (optional).

What should you do:

– soak a little wadding in the essential oil.

– put the soaked wadding (alternatively, you can use cotton pads) in the trash bag after throwing the garbage. If necessary wash and dry the trash can before.


– Essential oils neutralize unpleasant odors. Moreover, certain oils also have another role. For example, tea tree oil and citrus oil kill the bacteria, while neem oil drives away the kitchen cockroaches.