The biggest mistakes you are making when you dye your hair at home


Before you act impulsively and buy a hair dye box, you need to know a few things about dying your hair at home. For example, the color you see on the box is not always what you get on your hair.

And when it comes to ingredients, you will be surprised what these products can contain. Here are the biggest mistakes you can make when you dye your hair at home:

Choosing the color from the picture on the box
The first step in adopting a new look is choosing the color that you want your hair to have. You have to be aware, however, that the color that you see on the box will not be the final result. Experts say that although we put the same hair dye on three people with the same hair color, we will notice that the result will be slightly different for each of them, which means that the paint acts according to the type of hair we have. Also, don’t look for the hair samples listed in the catalog because they show the color obtained by applying the paint to white hair.

Incorrect application of the product
There are a few things that can be very bad when applying the dye on the hair. Many times, women tend to start with the front hair, which is the most accessible. The problem with this technique is that the hair that is seven inches around the face processes the color differently from the rest of the hair. Often, it will absorb a darker color around your face, so make sure you don’t start with this part.

Another mistake women make regarding the application, is the application of dye all over the head, not just to the roots. If you apply the dye throughout your hair every time, you could obtain an opaque color that doesn’t seem natural at all. Experts say it’s advisable to apply dye only to the roots if your hair has already been dyed.

Don’t respect the recommended time 
If you remove the dye too quickly, it’s very likely the paint hasn’t been processed. Also, a long time of keeping the dye on your hair can have an unwanted result on the hair, becoming thicker and drier.

Trying to open the shade
Getting a very light color on a dark natural hair can be dangerous even in a professional salon if the process is made by an unprepared hairstylist. So the biggest mistake you can make is to want to get from dark brown to blonde by completing this process on your own. If you are determined to take this step, however, go to a professional salon.

Trying to darken the shade
Applying the dye on the blonde hair can be difficult because the discolored hair becomes very fragile. Which means will not respond in the same way as natural hair. Thus, experts give us the best advice on this problem – consulting a specialist.

Dye your hair at home - mistakes