Test: Who Is The Mother Of This Child?


Do you want to test your intuition? This simple test will reveal important aspects of your personality that you didn’t know. The decisions you take every day indicate a lot about you and the way you see life. Look at the picture below where a child is playing and two women are staying face to face.

One of the women is the baby’s mother. What is the baby’s mother, the long-haired woman or the ┬ábun-haired woman?

Analyze the picture carefully, make your choice and read the interpretation below.

You picked the women with the bun

About 70% of people consider this woman as the child’s mother, but they are wrong. Perhaps those who choose this woman think that the neat look, the serious hairstyle or the way she keep her feet could describe a mother. If you choose this option, learn that you don’t have negative personality characteristics, but on the contrary. This indicates that you are a creative and sociable person. You have a real gift in listening and giving advice.

You chose the long-haired woman


Only 30% of those who made this test, made this choice. Fortunately for them, this is the right answer. This choice indicates a great intuition. The people who chose this woman as the mother of the child are analytical, intelligent and perfectionist.

If you choose this option means you that you are aware of your skills and have a good sense of observation. You know how to completely separate your family life from your professional life.

What is the mystery of the picture? Children play always looking for the mother’s eyes, the woman’s feet are directed to a child ready to help him and the posture of the woman is protective, slightly bent forward.