Remove blackheads using homemade nose strips


Blackheads are an annoying problem both for women and men. People spend lots of money on different products that promise to remove blackheads fast and easy or at cosmetic salons for special treatments against blackheads.

Today I will teach you a cheap and fast method to get rid of blackheads at home.

I love this method because is made with natural ingredients that don’t irritate my skin, because I have very sensitive skin.

Eggs are some of the most popular ingredients in beauty recipes, so you can rely on them in this case as well. Eggs are delicate and very effective maintaining a clean and velvety skin.

In order to get rid of blackheads, all you have to do to make a homemade strip.

Break an egg and carefully separate the egg white into a bowl. After that, cut off a napkin that matches your nose and the area around your nose, if you have blackheads on your cheeks.

There are two ways to apply the homemade strip. Either place the egg white on the napkin and apply it directly to the affected area, either apply a thin layer of egg white on the skin, then put the napkin over it, followed by another layer of egg white. Let the mask dry, then, when you feel your skin gets tightened, about ten minutes later, remove the strip and wash your face with water.

You will notice that blackheads will be on the napkin and your skin will be soft and nourished. Eggs have amazing proprieties for the skin.