How To Recognize A Woman Who Wants To Be In A Relationship


Sometimes it is quite difficult to figure out what are the true intentions of the loved one. Whether we are too blind to see beyond appearances, or simply that person knows how to hide their true thoughts, “reading” the loved person can be quite difficult.

Men are even more clumsy to realize when a woman has serious thoughts, and most of the time, it takes a little more work to show to your half exactly the message you want to transmit. In this article I will provide you some tips to recognize a woman who want to be in a relationship.

1. Introduces you to her friends

This is an obvious and important step. If you invite him to town with your girlfriends, your man will realize you’re testing him. You present it to your group to receive approval from your friends. If the man is just a friend of yours for you, then you will certainly not present him to your closest friends. If you decide to take this step and present it, then it will know that it is important to you and that you want a relationship with it.

2. She spends her time with you

This is not the case when you managed to stay out of your clothes between his training and your manicure appointment. If it matters to you, then you will spent much more time with him, not just for sex. A man will know that a woman wants a relationship with him when she is always with him, even in the less happy moments of his life. He is a priority for you and be sure he will realize this.

3. She is caress

Here we are not talking about the passionate kisses that leave you without clothes, it’s about those small gestures that make it feel appreciated and loved. For example, you can look into his eyes while arranging his hair or touching his arm when he says a good joke. Physical contact is an indication of the feelings you have, and he will know this.