Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wear Panty Liners Every Day


The daily absorbents or panty liners are used by millions of women every day, whether they wear them in days with low menstrual flow, or wear them in order not to stain their intimate underwear with daily secretion. Most women use these absorbents daily and it doesn’t seem to be the best idea.

Although they are called daily absorbents, they shouldn’t be used every day. In this article you will find some reasons why you shouldn’t wear panty liners every day.

You can get an infection – Wearing a panty liner can lead to a fungal infection. Due to the adhesive part, the absorbent keeps moisture, favorising of the appearance and growth of bacteria and fungi in the intimate area.

You may suffer irritation – Even if you wear panty liners and you haven’t got any infection, you still suffer from vulvar irritation. To avoid such inconveniences, we recommend that you change your absorbent daily whenever you don’t feel perfectly dry and never wear it for more than 12 hours. Doctors even recommend that during night to change it with a new one or to not wear it at all in order to let the skin breathe.

The skin can’t breathe – These panty liners stick to panties – they don’t have fins like normal absorbents, so they can’t stay in place for several hours without the glue tape on their backs. The back of a daily absorbent is made of plastic and the skin can’t breathe through the plastic. Moisture and high temperature can only lead to bacterial infections and irritation as I mentioned above.

They are chemically treated – in order to inspire the idea of ​​”perfectly clean” and to be scented, these type of absorbents are chemically treated, and all those chemicals only last for a few hours or even a whole day in your vaginal area, which is very sensitive. The best choice is to buy panty liners without perfume, if you want to avoid an irritation, or buy organic cotton, which are chemically untreated.