How To Read People In 30 Seconds


There are people who manage to know our intentions from the first moment they have crossed their eyes with ours. There is a theory that says that our brains have the ability to predict the reactions and responses of a person before we speaks to them, and those who are “equipped” with extrasensory skills prove that this is possible!

Do you think that you are not able to show off these paranormal powers and that you are not endowed with the gift of “reading” others? We contradict you and show you how to read a person in just 30 seconds!

How do you know if you can trust a person or not?  You should analyze the first feeling you have, the one who floods you as soon as you cross the look with the other person: don’t wait smile or touch you. The eyes never lie, and its look will tell you what you need to know: looks at you openly, directly, and you feel invaded by a feeling of calm, joy or just quietness? It’s clear you can follow that person anywhere! On the contrary, it looks at you from the corner of your eyes, it analyzes you, and your answer is a vague feeling of anxiety, agitation, as if you didn’t want to be there? Whatever that person would say and do after, don’t trust it!

Is the person lying to you? Behavioral specialists tell us the signals that tell us that the person in front of us is trying to manipulate or distort the truth. Again, its look is a valuable indication: You shouldn’t take into account the popular preconception ” if a person doesn’t look deep into your eyes, lies you”! Most likely, it’s just a shy person! What should alarm you is its insistence, as if instinctively trying to psychologically convey to you a certain opinion or conviction. Other bad signs can be often blinking, arms crossed over the chest, very fast or very slow speech, the use of many negative words or those who artificially reinforce an affirmation: “I swear to you”, “on my word “, “I’m not lying to you”.

Does it like you or not? Body language clearly reveals you in just 30 seconds if the person in front of you likes you or not. Is its body “open” to you? The legs are directed towards you, the arms are relaxed, their backs oriented to the shoulders, their chins is raised and they are not afraid to make a visual contact with you, but not very insistent, like we described the liar above? In this case, you know, in just 30 seconds, that the person in front of you, certainly likes you.