How To Prepare Your Body For Fall


The summer say goodbye and our body already has to prepare for an easier transition to the cold season, so in order to keep you away from colds or other diseases specific to the autumn it’s time to know how to prepare your body for fall.

In the opinion of internationally accredited yoga teacher Dana Ţupa, body cleansing by removing toxins is a vital way to keep our immune system healthy, but equally important is to prepare ourselves emotionally for the transition to the cold season. It is known that during the rainy season, the depression rate is considerably rising, and all these problems can be prevented if we adopt a good strategy:

Vitaminize your body! “After a hot summer, we lost big quantities of salt through abundant sweat and this thing can cause: muscle cramps, palpitations, difficult digestion, dental caries or poor functioning of the thyroid gland , being just a few of the results of the absence of minerals in our body. And because fall is rich in fruits and vegetables, why not to try to detoxify our body,  but at the same time a regenerative diet based on juices obtained from the cold pressing of vegetables and fruits? “Explains international yoga teacher Dana Ţupa.

Charge yourself with the energy of the sun! “The days with little sun, the body covered with clothes, the long time spent inside the house, the absence of vitamin D3, are things common for the next few months. Spend free time in the park, under the gentle rays of the autumn sun”

Alkaline diet for 7 days, so we don’t get cold during the cold season –  Specialists recommend that in the transition season, we should add alkaline foods in our daily diet in order to improve our immune system. “It would be ideal if we adopt alkaline diet as a lifestyle for at least a week per month.