How to Overcome Your Weaknesses & Gain Confidence in Your Skills


Moments of doubt, failures, successes or personal growth … all are part of the every day life. Every person is strong, but sometimes, in our bad moments, it seem to forgot our strengths and we only highlight the weaknesses.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

It’s is very important that in this kind of moments to overcome our weaknesses and to learn how to gain confidence in our skills.

1. Remember all your successes and don’t diminish their importance

Constantly remember the way you were motivated at that time when you achieved something important, the way you thought, the way you believed in you and how you visualised the idea of success. Repeat this scene and make it an automatism in your life.

2.  Set your objectives and permanently follow them

Whether they are on short or long term, it’s important to constantly grow and never stop. Everything in nature is related to evolution and any stagnation leads to degradation and dead. With ageing, people use to think that is too late for certain things and they put some mental barriers in achieving them. Don’t do that. It’s never too late to achieve something you desire!

3. Don’t compare yourself with others in a negative way. We are all different

Of course, you can be attracted by someone’s activities and abilities, but don’t forget that you can also learn new abilities. You can be inspired of these people to learn what you like. But never compare in a negative way to them and don’t forget that maybe you have great abilities in other fields that other persons don’t have.

4. Don’t worry and don’t be afraid what others think about you

Many people have the tendency to exaggerate when they think that other people think too much about them, when in reality they don’t even have enough time to do this. They also have their objective and their dreams to follow. Stop thinking what others think about you and start follow your dreams.[/expand]