What does your nose shape reveal about your personality?


It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, but the nose can tell a lot about someone’s personality and his thoughts. The nose is not only a vital part of the body but also a true mirror that reflects the personality of a person.

Big nose People with a large nose, as well as large tip and nostrils. Power, determination, leadership qualities, pride, willingness to work on their own, these are the keywords that characterize those who have a big nose. They hate to receive orders and prefer to be their own bosses.

Small nose – People who have a small nose have a short, narrow dorsum and a tip neither too round nor too flat. They excel in group activities that stimulate imagination and spontaneity. Sometimes they are anxious and feel frustrated pretty fast. They always try to help others, work hard when they like what they do, don’t bother to do repetitive activities.

Long nose –  Long-nosed people have a visibly long dorsum. Born businessmen, entrepreneurs and ambitious, they boast with good instincts and manage to conquer others through their charisma.

Short nose – Owners of a short dorsum are loyal. Unfortunately, they have a lack of determination and ambition. They often feel overwhelmed by the strongest and more conceited people. They are like children, they rely heavily on emotions, they are good and compassionate, but their sensitivity brings them disadvantages.

Straight nose – Also known as the Greek nose, it has narrow nostrils and a very noble figure. His possessors are considered to be out of the ordinary, as well as very altruistic. They are disciplined, very meticulous and because of their discipline, they tend to have success in life and career.

Snub nose –  The dorsum of the nose is slightly arched upwards. These people are optimistic, good and have an admirable character. They are lovers and a true support for others. They are that type of people that anyone can rely on when they need it.