All You Need To Know About Skin Detox


Our body is magical and incredible, but from time to time needs some help. And what can we offer to our body? We can take measures in order to stop ageing process and toxins accumulation in fat cells and cell membranes.

One of the solution is detoxification and the first step is skin detox. In this article you will find all you need to know about skin detox.

Dry skin brushing

We can use dry skin brushing, because it stimulates circulation and lymphatic system very well. When? Every morning, before to take a shower. Using circular moves, you start from your toes to your neck. Use a natural brush or a loofah glove.

Alternative hot / cold showers

After finishing the dry brushing, it’s advisable to take alternative showers with cold / warm water. This technique will boost your body by stimulating blood circulation. Do this alternation 3-4 times, not more than a few seconds for each procedure.

Detoxifying baths

Detoxifying baths are good for skin health. There are some of the oldest detoxifying treatments for the skin. A warm bath naturally influences blood flow, making your skin brighter. The most appropriate time of day for such baths is in the evening before bedtime. Add a cup of baking soda and 2 cups of salt in  the bathtub. You can also ass a few drops of essential oils.Detox baths are a great way for skin detox.

Professional detox treatments

Another alternative would be to use professional detoxification treatments in a spa/beauty centre/health centre. Here we can use marine mud packs that have a strong oxygenation effect on the tissue. A professional salon exfoliation makes the skin breathe, the pores will be cleaned and the cell regeneration process is very well stimulated.