Natural antibiotic that kills E.coli bacteria


Also known as the “youth elixir”, royal jelly has extraordinary effects in both degenerative diseases that affect the nervous system and in supporting immunity throughout the year.

Nutritionists believe that this product is one of the most powerful stem cell stimulators, having an important role in regenerating the body.

A dietary supplement effective especially for regenerating and detoxifying the cells of the body, improving metabolic functions and general body status because once consumed it transmits energy to the pituitary gland and adrenal glands, thus being a good antidepressant remedy.

“Among the remarkable effects of royal jelly, we mention: longevity, nerve cell regeneration, antitumoral (both prophylactic and therapeutic) effect, vitality, strength of the immune system, fight against physical and intellectual exhaustion, hormonal regulator, infertility treatment, emotional, mental and physically balance, excellent nervous tonic, treatment of anemia – by stimulating the production of red cells.

It has antibiotic properties – Due to the substances it contains, it has antibiotic and antiseptic properties, being a real use in the treatment and prevention of certain infections especially those with the Koch bacillus responsible for tuberculosis but also the E.coli bacteria that can cause enterocolitis.

Neither gold staphylococcus doesn’t resist to this natural antibiotics. In addition, it supports the smooth functioning of the immune system and is also recommended in asthenic conditions, recovery after illness, postoperative period or after intense physical effort.

If your diet is deficient or you are experiencing a weakened general condition, anxiety or depression, the royal jelly is an ideal help. Despite its proprieties, it’s best to consume it just in the morning, because after the first part of the day it can be responsible for insomnia, providing a great amount of energy.

Consult your specialist doctor! It’s generally recommended to follow a 3-month cure in which you take a tablespoon of royal jelly each morning on your empty stomach. Because each body reacts in a different way, avoid taking treatments and consult your specialist doctor to find out which natural treatment is the most suitable for your health.