Massage this point on your forehead and see what happens


Yin and Yang energy flow through us. The flow of this energy is necessary for good circulation and for health. Sometimes, emotional and physical trauma suppresses the flow of energy and, to restore harmony, we must manipulate the flow of these energies.

There is a particularly exciting way to do this without too much effort or time. Over time, you will notice that these movements and massages will naturally come to our bodies when we feel the need to subconsciously improve the flow of these energies.

The point on your forehead that you should massage is called The Third Eye. In Chinese traditional medicine, this point is also called GV 24, GV coming from a blood vessel. It is located between the eyebrows, but above eyebrows, where the nose meets the forehead.

Applying pressure from the bottom to the top on this point on the forehead improves concentration, relieves tension, relieves headaches and helps your tired eyes (if you stayed very much time in front of your computer). According to traditional Chinese medicine, the massage of this point strengthens a person’s intuition.

With an easy pressure on this point, massage this area, with few inches up, in a vertical line. In order to notice the benefits, the massage should last between 45 seconds – 1 minute.

Researchers say that this procedure activates one of the brain centers, the amygdala nucleus, which affects the human lymphatic system and leads to the elimination of nerve tension, while also helping to eliminate negative energy. Moreover, this massage prevents wrinkles, facilitates blood circulation, corrects the corners of the eyes and mouth and activate the regeneration processes.

Yang energy, unlike Yin energy, begins in the head and flows to the rest of the body. So, if you massage this point in your forehead you will enjoy a lot of benefits.