Amazing mask to shrink large pores definitively


They are big, round … and they’re all over the face. No, they’re not pimples … but they are the starting point of the pimples and blackheads. I am referring to pores; when they are covered with dust, sebum or even makeup, they can form pimples.

Moreover, the large and dilated pores look aesthetic on the face and can hard completely cover them.

Fortunately, there is a way to reduce large pore. This mask helps reduce large pores and, at the same time, gives a glow to the face and gets rid of unsightly stains.

Benefits of this mask:
– reduces large pore;
– reduces the risk of acne;
– contains only natural ingredients;
– calms irritated skin;
– get rid of wrinkles;
– remove dead cells;
– kill the bacteria.

Ingredients required:
– 1 lemon;
– 100 g yogurt;
– rose water.

How to prepare it: Grate the lemon peel. Mix it with lemon and rose water. Leave it to act for 15 minutes. Rinse your face with warm water. You will notice great effects in only one day.

Here you can find a video with this amazing mask: