Hygiene tips for a healthy tongue


The oral cavity needs a proper hygiene in order to keep the affections away. Both teeth and tongue require daily care. At the level of teeth, you can face tartar, caries, or even gum problems, which can lead to paradontosis. But at the level of the tongue you can see a whitish consistency, also known as leucoplasia.

This implies a white layer on the whole tongue or on some areas of the tongue.

Tongue cleaning should be done periodically
If when you refresh your breath you can use mouthwash or baking soda, when it comes to the hygiene of the tongue, you can use a spatula. When you notice a white layer on the surface of the tongue or inside of your cheeks or even on the gums, don’t hesitate and take action.

Although can be easily cleaned in some cases, there is also a high chance of relapse, especially if you are a tobacco or alcohol consumer.

Signs of poor oral hygiene – When the whitish layer accumulates at the tongue level, you will probably start experiencing problems such as excess saliva, bad breath or neck pain. You can also face vomiting and inflammation of the tonsils. If any abnormal symptoms occur, don’t hesitate to go to the specialist doctor.

Cinnamon and parsley maintain your oral health – Both products are natural, healthy and can be used easily. Both parsley and cinnamon keep your breath fresh, eliminate bacteria especially from the gingival level, but also clean your teeth.

Due to its calcium content, parsley strengthens your teeth, so don’t avoid it.

Also, lemon juice can be of real use to you, especially if you confront with bad breath. Choose to rinse your mouth in the morning with water and lemon juice.