How you can heal using color therapy


Dr. Ovidiu Chiş, an expert in traditional Indian medicine, assures us that preference for one color it’s not just a matter of taste. Colors talk about our way of being and helping us heal certain affections.

Yellow – Stimulates the central nervous system, improves the tone, making us feel in shape. Stimulates the lymphatic system, ensuring it works in optimal conditions. The preference for yellow indicates the desire for inner accomplishment, an aspiration to perfection. Rejection of yellow color hides deceptions or masochistic isolation.

Physiological effects: Stimulates the optic nerve, influences the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Psychological effects: warmth, satisfaction, refreshment, stimulate vision, give a state of vigilance, increase the ability to concentration.

Red – This color is considered a universal stimulant. It facilitates cellular regeneration, strengthens the willpower and courage. The red preference indicates increased activation, movement, energy, dynamism, strength and vigor. Rejection of red color indicates weakness, fear of action and of the mobilizing influences of the external environment.

Physiological effects: Increases blood pressure, increases muscle tone, activates breathing.

Psychological effects: general stimulant, excites, provokes, incites to action especially in the psycho-motor plane, an intellectual stimulator.

Purple – Deeply calms, favors organic detoxification and greatly strengthens the immune defense system. It is successfully used in disorders of the spleen, bladder and kidneys. The preference for purple expresses the fascination of wisdom, the need for unshakable truths. Rejection of purple color: inner disharmony, alienation, obsessive fear of disillusion, fear of engaging in deeply involved personal relationships.

Physiological effects: intensifies cardiovascular activity, accelerates breathing, positively influences heart and lung resistance.

Psychological effects: wise lucidity, total detachment, clairvoyance.

Green – Relaxes the body and the psyche. It allows us to balance the somatic and psychic structure and makes it possible to reduce stress and annihilate anxiety. The green preference indicates a flexible and adaptable structure to change of situations. Rejection of green color shows rigidity, fear of changing the way of action, point of view and attitudes.

Physiological effects: lowers blood pressure, dilates capillary vessels.

Psychological effects: quiet, good mood, relaxation, meditation, balance, contemplation, abundance of mental associations.

Orange – An anti-fatigue color, it suits all temperaments without exceptions. It stimulates the respiratory system and facilitates the assimilation of calcium. The preference for orange indicates the need for sensuality, physical preservation, the need for peace, the fascination of physical comfort. Rejecting the orange color indicates inhibition, psychic frigidity, subordination, sexual repression, obstruction in prejudices.

Physiological effects: Accelerates pulsations of the heart, maintains blood pressure, promotes gastric secretion and digestion.

Psychological effects: optimism, cheerfulness, sensuality, strong feelings and intimacy, increased sociability, give a state of health and optimism, sexual euphoria.