How to widen a pair of leather shoes


You bought a pair of leather shoes, but did you realize that are too tight? Your new favorite shoes don’t fit into your feet? Don’t throw them! There are some effective ways to widen your leather shoes without destroying them.

How to widen your shoes:

1. Ice packs

– put water in two sealed bags

– put the bags inside the shoes that tighten you

– put the shoes into the freezer and wait until the water turns into ice

– after a few hours, you can remove the coating from the freezer

2. Steam

– put the water to a boil in a pot

– when the water starts to turn into steam, keep the shoes down with the inside down over the pot.

– steams will soften the leather, which will obviously make the shoes more flexible

– after 3 minutes, insert more socks into the shoes so that the leather becomes even longer and keeps its shape.

3. Hairdryer

– put some socks on your feet

– put the shoes in your feet

– dry the shoes with the hairdryer at an average temperature for a few minutes

4. Alcohol

– put a swab soaked in alcohol in your shoes, then stretch your shoes and walk through the house about 15 minutes.