How to wax without pain – cheap and easy hair removal


If the razor blade is no longer an option for you, professional hair removal at the cosmetic salons is too expensive and the pain of the hair removal device is hard to bear, find out that there is an effective, simple and natural method that can get you rid of unwanted hair without pain.

This method has been used since the time of the pharaohs, as historical studies show, and is still a tradition among women in the Orient.

Mix two cups of sugar, juice from half a lemon and half a glass of water. Mix them thoroughly, in a recipient at low heat until the sugar melts and a syrup is obtained. Then leave the recipient at low heat and continuously stir until the mixture begins to boil and a brownish-yellowish cream is formed.

Allow the mixture to cool until the caramel can be hand-molded (wet hands are recommended to handle the caramel more easily) and apply on the hairy areas, then quickly pull in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

Or you can follow the example in the VIDEO below, which explains step by step what you have to do:

Sugar waxing is not as harmful to the skin as other epilation methods, such as waxing, for example, because sugar doesn’t stick to the skin, but only to the hair.

This type of epilation can be done in your own privacy, at home, and is less painful than other unwanted hair removal methods.
In addition, you can even remove the hair from areas that are less accessible to the eyes, keeping away the look of the cosmeticians.
Sugar waxing is extremely effective and provides you fine skin and perfect legs for 5 weeks. In addition, the ingredients are not toxic and contain no perfume.