How to wash your hair with conditioner


The revolutionary techniques come to change our perception of a ritual that we didn’t think we still have things to learn about, hair washing. The latest trend in this field is co-washing (conditioner washing), respective hair washing with conditioner! Discover below all you need to know about this fashionable technique!

How to wash your hair with conditioner:

1. Moisten your hair very well! The water will clean some of the residues on the surface of your hair, making it easier the conditioner’s actions.

2. Use a larger amount of conditioner than normal. There will not be enough amount you used to apply to the ends. Now you need to cover all your hair. Don’t worry that you will consume the product bottle too quickly, because you will compensate by giving up the shampoo and using less water!

3. Massage the balm on the entire length of the hair and roots and let it work between 3 and 5 minutes or more if your hair is very damaged.

4. Once or twice a month, use clarifying shampoo! This product will deeply clean your hair and will enhance the action of co-washing!

Is co-washing for anyone?
The fact is that washing hair with conditioner doesn’t address everyone. So, if you have oily hair, this technique will only make your situation worse. Also if you have rare, straight and volume-free hair, it’s not recommended to use this technique. Also, irritable scalp and dermatitis are other inconveniences to the success of co-washing.

You also need to know that the co-washing procedure will not have immediate effects. It’s possible that at first, the conditioner washing experience to give you the feeling of an oily scalp that will disappear over time.

Specialists don’t recommend repeating this procedure more than once a week, precisely to avoid these inconveniences. Neither the choice of the product will not be very easy! Not every conditioner is suitable for co-washing: remove silicone-containing products from the start (look for the dimethicone ingredient in the composition), which can make hair harder.