How to use retinol without destroying your skin


It is good to know as much as possible about retinoids (the name given to all vitamin A derivatives, including the retinol), so I have prepared some information about the most important steps you should take if you want to use this wonder ingredient.

Step 1: Start with the most delicate formula you find
Yes, we know you want all wrinkles to disappear after the first use, but if you love your skin, you will start with the most delicate formula you find. This means you will search for a product with the lowest concentration, for which you don’t need a prescription. Yes, you will see results faster if you use a more intense dose, but you will most likely irritate your skin and cause other problems that you certainly don’t want.

Start with products containing retinaldehyde, one of the weakest retinoids, and see the first results after two or three months without irritating your skin. But be careful to spread the product very well.

Step 2: Use a small amount on dry areas
Considering how important it’s to take care of your skin, you might think you need to apply a generous cream/serum layer of retinoids, but things are completely different. Once you have cleansed your skin, wipe it off or wait for the water to dry and then apply the retinol. Don’t exceed the amount of pea and make sure your skin is completely dry, as wet areas can react differently when the retinol is absorbed.

Start with the forehead (where the skin is not so sensitive) and then proceed to the ​​the nose, cheeks and chin area. Wait 20 minutes and continue with the care products you usually use. Make sure you don’t use acne treatment products (salicylic acid or products containing benzoyl peroxide) because you may cause skin injuries.

Step 3: Wait a week between apps
Yes, it’s not what you expected, but you’re making sure your skin enjoys all the benefits of this product without destroying it. Thus, the program that you have to follow looks like this: one treatment in the first week, two treatments in the second week, three applications in the third, if your skin has no negative effects.

Try to take pauses every month, especially if you feel your skin has become more sensitive. If you follow these simple steps, you can get rid of fine wrinkles without destroying your skin, so be very careful when using this product.

VERY IMPORTANT: Apply it only at night. During the daytime, wear sunscreen with 50 protective factors. It’s better not to use retinol during summer.

How to use retinol