How to make your glossy lipstick look matte


Often, matte lipstick gives dryness or stiffness. So, we use a creamy one with a shining finish. What to do when our look requires a matte look? It’s simple: transform a creamy lipstick into a matte one, with some make-up tricks.

For example, Jillian Dempsey, Jennifer Aniston’s make-up artist, has demonstrated how you can make your favorite creamy lipstick matte. It uses blotting paper to remove the excess creamy layer and to create a matte look. The advantage of this method is that the lips remain hydrated without requiring a re-application of the lipstick.

Another method by which you can make a creamy lipstick matte is to put a thin layer of paper over your lips, then, using a brush, to powder the area. The powder will act as a barrier, stopping the lipstick to wipe off, and the color will last longer.

Obviously, there are cases where the powder (translucent, preferably) is applied directly to the lips without an intermediate layer between the two makeup textures. But be careful! The powder layer should be extremely delicate if you don’t want to create an overloaded look.

Nothing easier than transforming your creamy lipstick into a matte one!

Matte lipstick