How to make the difference between real and synthetic leather


Did you bought a pair of leather boots, but you are not sure it’s real leather? You have some methods to check the material. By learning the tricks below, you will not risk the next time to buy a product of inferior quality at the price of one of the highest quality.

Even though the quality of synthetic leather has recently developed, you can still see the difference between natural and synthetic leather in a simple and easy way. If you have any doubts about the quality of the products you use, you will find some great information.

Here’s a list of the most prominent differences you can find between natural and synthetic leather. These differentiations are easy to decipher and can be useful when you want to choose a quality product.

Often, natural leather imitations are considered to be genuine or worse, companies to present artificial leather products as natural leather.

How to check the leather’s authenticity:

1. Nail Test

– Slowly, stick a nail into the material. If the trace disappears, then the material is real leather. If not, you have a synthetic material in front of you.

– Using the nail, slowly scratch the material. If you check a leather product, you will remove fine particles from the surface. Otherwise, you are dealing with artificial leather.

2. Touch

– natural leather feels supple and smooth to the touch.

– artificial leather is stiff and more elastic than the natural one.

– bend the product you want to buy. If fine wrinkles are formed, the product is made of natural leather.

3. Lighter test

– this test can not be done in the store, but only at home

– choose a less visible area and bring the flame from a lighter to it. If it grows or melts, it’s not natural leather.

4. Pores

– natural leather has irregularly distributed pores, compared to the artificial leather.