How to make detox foot pads at home


If you have a body full of toxins try these homemade foot pads to detoxify the body. They stimulate reflexogenic points and successfully absorb all the toxins in the body.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

Detox foot pads are hard to find, and if they are very expensive. That’s why we decided to show you a simple and inexpensive way to make them at home.

The main rules of any detoxification method
Here’s what you need to do:

Make a mixture of herbal ingredients – turmeric powder (curcuma), ginger powder, green tea (dry leaves), dry chamomile, chilli pepper and lemon peel.

Mix well all the ingredients by crushing them, to make a homogeneous mixture. Cut 10 pieces of gauze 10 x 6 cm (these will be enough to make two detox pads). Place three layers of gauze over which you will sprinkle the plant mix. Then cover with 2 rows of gauze. This way you will make a detoxification pad.

Rules that you need to keep in mind when you start a detox:

In the evening before going to sleep, attach these detox foot pads to the soles of the feet, sticking them with a gauze. You can also use leucoplast, but be careful not to irritate your skin. Let the detox foot pads act overnight, repeating the procedure for 7 days, every night.
What are the benefits of natural detox foot pads:
– Encourage the elimination of toxins
– Stimulation of reflexology points
– Strengthen the immune system
– Prevention of the occurrence of chronic diseases
– Improve sleep quality
– Enhance concentration
– Strengthening the body
– Slow down the aging process
– Anti-stress effect
– Stimulating body functions[/expand]