How to get rid of mouth herpes in 1 day


An important event is approaching, but a painful herpes appeared on your lip? Obviously, you feel very bad. Don’t panic. You can get rid of it quickly and you don’t even have to apply some miraculous compounds found through cream from pharmacies. Here are some natural and cheap remedies for the unsightly herpes:

1) Who can have mouth herpes?
Anyone can contact herpes simplex virus type 1, responsible for the appearance of unpleasant lesions around the mouth. The first contact occurs most frequently in childhood. In the adult age it is estimated that between 60-90% of people are already infected. Subsequently, the virus will remain cantonized in the nerve cells and will be able to react periodically.

2) Why is it reactivating?
Periods with maximum stress or low immunity of the body are most conducive to reactivation of oral herpes virus. Repeated exposure or prolonged exposure to sun or wind is also possible to reactivate the virus.

Milk – It sounds surprising, but it has a magical effect. Soak a cotton swab with cold milk. Apply on herpes and let the milk act for a few minutes. Repeat the operation several times a day.

Hydrogen peroxide – Did you know that hydrogen peroxide has a lot of uses? It shouldn’t surprise you that it can also be used to treat herpes. It is antiseptic proprieties, cleansing the wounds and helping it to heal faster. It’s a good remedy especially if herpes began to suppress. Apply hydrogen peroxide every 2-3 hours and you will see with the naked eye how the herpes disappears.

Garlic – Do you remember that your mother was saying that garlic is very good to treat the cold? Perhaps it will not surprise her that you can get rid of herpes with the same magical garlic. Its antiseptic and antiviral properties make it an ideal treatment. Crush a clove of garlic and put it directly on the herpes. It doesn’t smell very pleasant, but for its effect it is worth the effort.