How to get rid of cuticles without cutting them


In order that your hands look good every day, you need to offer them special care. In addition to the neat nails and the moisturizing cream you use daily, you also need to care for your cuticles. Here’s how you do this right:

Don’t cut your cuticles! According to dermatologists, cuticles shouldn’t be cut off. You should let them grow and just push them to the skin when necessary. If you remove the cuticles, then the place between the nail and the skin remains empty and can quickly become a place where bacteria develop.

How to push the cuticles correctly – Whether you want to make your nails look longer or you just get used pushing your cuticles because it’s healthier, you have to use a special tool – a bamboo or orange stick. Their wood is softer, so you will not hurt if you push the cuticles carefully. Never push your cuticles without soaking them before!

Moreover, you have to know that if you use cutting your cuticles, it doesn’t mean that if you stop doing this, they will grow very long, but the length will be the same: a normal one.

Moisturize cuticles as you hydrate your hands – The cuticles are skin and although they are not as soft as the rest of the skin, they still need moisturizing. So you have to use special products to soften and hydrate cuticles as you do for your hands or hair. According to dermatologists, cuticles dry and crack – just like the very dry skin.

Pay attention to products that dry your skin! If you want to have moisturized cuticles to gently push them, avoid as much as possible any substance that dries your skin: dishwashing should be done with special gloves as well as cleaning throughout the house. And when you wipe your nail polish, use a product that doesn’t contain acetone.