How to clean the range hood in 5 minutes


The range hood should be cleaned systematically if you want to have no health problems due to the unpleasant odors that attract cockroaches. In addition, a dirty range hood may even trigger a fire in the home. So, start cleaning your range hood!

How to clean the interior of the hood:

Method 1:

– put the hood filters in a bag with a seal and pour over them water and ammonia

– leave the filters in this mixture for 24 hours

– remove the filters and rinse them with warm water

– put the filters to dry

Method 2:

– put the filters out of the hood into a solution made of water, salt and lemon salt

– leave the filters in this solution for 15 minutes

– if the result is not the desired one, boil the filters in the mixture indicated above

How to clean the exterior of the hood:

– Soak a cloth or a sponge in denatured alcohol and clean the dirty areas. This alcohol is not toxic and cleans well.