How to clean paint from windows and PVC joinery


Did you renovate your house? You probably breathe easier, but it’s not all ready. You have to clean the washable paint from the windows and PVC joinery. Whatever you try, you will not be able to keep them clean.

The paint will still stain certain areas! So you need to know how to remove it from these places!

1. Prevention. In order not to fill the windows and PVC areas with paint stains, it is advisable to cover them with plastic foil glued with adhesive tape after installation. Don’t forget to check, from time to time, to make sure the plastic sheets don’t break. After sticking the foil, remove the handles.

2. Remove stains. As we write above, it’s almost impossible not to have some unwanted paint stains. Try to clean these stains right after they appear. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to remove them.

What should you do:

– soak a cloth in warm water (1 liter) and detergent (1/4 cup).

– removes stains with light pressure.

3. Clean the strengthened paint. What should you do:

In this case, you have to change the cleaning substances. You will use stronger chemical products to remove old paint stains.

Here are four option:

1. Isopropyl alcohol – using a sponge, clean the places where there are larger ribs. For smooth areas, use a soft cloth.

2. Diluent – it’s very effective, but you have to remove the metal materials to avoid scratching.

3. Polishing – you also have the option to polish the painted areas with a special device.

4. Burners and hot air guns. You melt the paint, and then you can easily remove it.