How to choose the right vacuum cleaner for your needs


Does your vacuum cleaner no longer handle the cleaning? Probably it’s old and outdated. So you should give up and buy a new one. To make the right choice, we recommend reading the following guide.

A. By type

1. With bag. This is the classic model, with cloth or paper bag for storing the dirt that accumulates during vacuuming. The paper bags should be emptied after 3-4 uses and it’s preferable to change them after 4 months. The cloth bag should be emptied and cleaned (wash) every time you need. If you don’t clean the bag, the suction power will decrease dramatically and so the vacuuming will not be as effective as you expect. In addition, the vacuum cleaner motor suffers.

2. Without bag. This type of vacuum cleaner collects dirt inside, in a special compartment that is mostly made of plastic. More advanced models are able to compact dust, which is useful when cleaning it. In terms of prices, there are not very big differences between vacuum cleaners with bag and vacuum cleaners without bag.

3. Vertical. Such a vacuum cleaner allows a easier use and protects the spine. Dirt storage capacity is lower than the vacuum cleaners with or without a bag. This is not, however, an impediment. You’ll just clean it more often.

4. Robot. This vacuum cleaner does the job alone. The person who owns such a device just needs to set the work schedule. They’re more expensive than other models, but the investment is worth it, especially if you don’t have enough time for cleaning, because they make cleaning much faster.

5. Portable. This type of vacuum cleaner is designed to be used both in the home and in the external environment (in the car, for example). Careful! the suction power of this model is quite low, which is why it is not recommended in very dirty areas (with a significant layer of dust).

B. By Power: A good vacuum cleaner has a suction power between 300 and 450 W. You don’t buy vacuum cleaner every day, buy a good one! It’s a long term investment.

C. After collecting capacity: Bag vacuum cleaners have a collecting capacity of 3 to 6 liters, and those without bag have a collection capacity of 1-3 liters.

D. After Wheels: Check the wheels. See what they are made of. A too tough fabric might scratch the floor or even the carpets in the house.