How to apply the eyeliner to look younger


Applying eyeliner is not exactly the easiest thing. Today there are many types of eyeliners, so you have the technical support that a beginner needs.

How do I apply the eyeliner to look younger?

The shape of the outline, but also the point you start are essential. Of course, the outline of the eyeliner is drawn from the corners to the middle of the eye. An outline too thick to the ends will make you look not so good, while a thin outline towards the middle of the eye creates the optically rounded, open-look effect.

To find out where to start with the applying the eyeliner from the outer corner of the eye (the most important point on the face map), use a ruler that you hold it straight, perpendicular to the nose, right on the corner of the eye. Make a point with a pencil or a light blush to mark it. For a lifting effect, applying the eyeliner should start from the drawing point upwards.

Another trick when applying the eyeliner to look younger is to make the contour only on the upper eyelid (and apply the mascara to the upper eyelid eyelashes).

After 40 years, eyelashes become rarer and thinner. In order to look younger, use the eyeliner to draw points in the white spaces between the eyelashes. The effect of eyelashes will be natural, then use the eyeliner to create a very thin contour.Eyeliner tips