How drinking tea can affect your health


Despite the fact that it is advisable to consume tea, there are situations where tea may affect your health. It is either the type of tea that can affect the organism, or some parts of it, or the way we drink it.

So here’s how drinking tea can affect your health:

– Green tea can act negatively on the whole body if it is consumed too concentrated or in excess. More specifically, because it is a very good antioxidant, green tea could cause a sudden drop in blood sugar level. This will cause a high consumption of sweet foods that will start a disequilibrium in your body. Green tea can cause long-term insomnia if you drink it the evening.

– If you drink too hot tea, your esophagus may be affected, irritated and at the same time, if it is very cold, the same effects occur.

– It seems that black tea should never be combined with milk, although this is quite common. Thus, recent studies have concluded that certain black tea compounds react with milk proteins and this leads to diseases of the stomach and digestive tract.

Excess green tea causes you insomnia – A cup of green tea contains 40 mg of caffeine. Therefore, if you have more than two or three cups a day, you may have unpleasant surprises. Insomnia, trembling of hands or excessive nervousness may be the result of the big number of green tea cups you have been drinking.

It may also aggravate the symptom of premenstrual syndrome. Moreover, if you suffer from arterial, ulcer, or gastritis, it is good to avoid it.

Caries, because of the rosehip of tea – Due to some substances found in the seeds, dried rosehips can be harmful. If you follow a cure with such tea and you have insomnia, dizziness or nausea, switch to another plant combination. At the same time, consumed in excess (more than three cups a day), rosehip tea can affect the tooth enamel.

Do not put milk in the tea! If you have the habit of drinking black tea, adding milk, learn that it is not healthy. A team of researchers at Berlin Charite Hospital in Germany has found that milk proteins, in combination with certain black tea compounds, reduce beneficial effects. So tea will no longer be useful.

Don’t drink diuretic teas in the evening –  A few hours before going to sleep, avoid teas that have diuretic properties.