Here’s Why You Should Never Shake Nail Polish Before Using


When we prepare to make our manicure, most of us shake up and down the nail polish bottle in order to mix the formula. But beauty experts warn us that this habit is not a good one, without great effects.

Famous manicure artist Simcha Whitehill says that shaking the bottle could ultimately ruin a manicure, regardless of the quality of the nail polish we use.

“This shaking doesn’t lead to an optimal mixing of the substances from nail polish, but it affects its structure. By shaking the glass in this way, there are some bubbles that make the nail polish not so compact anymore and our manicure will be destroyed very easy “explains Whitehill.

“Air bubbles can also form when we put the brush back into the container, so don’t try to remove the excess nail polish on the neck of the bottle.”

These bubbles of air are transferred to the nail, which is why the manicure will destroy faster and easier. And, let’s face it, it’s very frustrating when this happens to us just a few days after we did our manicure.

The advice of specialists for situations when we want to homogenize the formula is to keep the nail polish bottle between the palms and run it for a minute.

So, in order to have a long lasting manicure, stop shaking the nail polish bottle before using.