Get rid of hemorrhoids in 1 week using THIS remedy


Eliminate one of the most common problems caused by lack of movement, with a simple, easy-to-prepare mixture. Today you will find out how to get rid of hemorroids using a homemade drink.

All you need to get rid of this problem is a carob powder. This powder enjoys true miraculous properties for your health. From small to large, every member of your family will enjoy a true portion of health. It tastes good and you can add it to a cup of warm milk. In this way, you will receive the portion of vitamin E and calcium required for the whole day. It is not necessary to add sugar to the drinks where you put the carob powder, so it can be consumed even by the diabetics.

If you confront with hemorrhoids problem, prepare an amazing remedy at home. All you have to do is to add 150 grams of carob powder  and40 grams of alcohol in a liter of brandy and leave it to macerate in a warm place for 10 days.

Consume it by drinking a small sip twice a day, preferably before a meal, and it is advised not to drink any alcohol during the treatment. Don’t consume it for more than 10 consecutive days. After this period, regularly consume carob powder in juices, smoothies or even salads.

You should also take care of your diet so as to avoid spicy and hard-to-digest foods as much as possible. You need a diet based on fiber and many fluids.

Carob pods will help you regulate your metabolism, no matter in what form you choose to consume it. For example, the carob syrup is recommended to relieve nausea, vomiting, bloating, tachycardia or lack of sexual desire and increased cholesterol. Its antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-polio effect help to regulate metabolism and at the same time speeds up the fat burning process.