Forget about under the skin pimples using THESE 7 remedies


The unpleasant pimples that appear under the skin are probably among the most unpleasant problems that appear on the epidermis. These are painful, big, difficult to hide under makeup and, especially, difficult to treat.

It’s not advisable to squeeze them, because this type of pimples can cause dangerous infections if they are not treated properly. Here are some natural remedies for healing under the skin pimples!

Compresses with tea or hot water – Soak a clean cotton towel in hot water or, most recommended, in an infusion of chamomile tea. Tampon the affected areas of the skin for 15 minutes until you notice the opening of the pores. The purpose of this procedure is to promote the advancement of the infection to the surface of the skin.

Steam baths – Steam baths are a real help for your face, because it helps you treat, fight or alleviate problems such as oily skin, blackheads, or pimples. The facial steam baths have the same effects as the sauna has on the body – it detoxifies, removes the impurities of the skin, opens the pores (so that any baskets are easier to extract) and deeply hydrates the epidermis, helping it regain its suppleness and softness.

For infusion, use medicinal plants such as lavender, salvia, mint, green tea, marigold or thyme. You can also add lemon or orange slices and essential oils to flavor your entire experience.

Mask with aspirin and honey – Once you have cleansed your skin perfectly, you can prepare a mask of aspirin and honey that helps to reduce inflammation and eliminate bacteria from the skin’s substrates. You need three aspirin pills, one tablespoon of honey and one teaspoon of water. In a bowl, mix the crushed aspirin with water until it dissolves, and then add honey and mix until everything becomes a paste. Apply the mask on your face and let it work for 20 minutes, then remove with lukewarm water.

Exfoliating mask with baking soda – Mix 1-2 teaspoons of baking soda with a little water until you obtain a paste, then apply it on the affected areas. Let the mask act for 20-30 minutes. For better results, let the mask act overnight. Baking soda neutralizes the pH of the skin and destroys the bacteria.

Mask with honey and lemon – This mask is ideal for deep pore cleaning. Both honey and lemon are natural antibiotics, together with a strong combination against stains and baskets. You need half lemon, 2 teaspoons of natural honey and a glass or ceramic pot. Mix the ingredients until you obtain a paste and apply it on the face, gently massaging the skin. Leave it for 10 minutes and then remove with lukewarm water.

Garlic – Massage the under the skin pimples with the juice obtained from two cloves of crushed garlic. Leave it for half an hour or, if you can live with the smell, leave it overnight, because garlic has a strong antimicrobial action.

Clay – Clay is popular for its stunning results in treating acne. So mix 2 tablespoons of clay with water or lemon juice and let it work. Remove with lukewarm water. Another option is to mix clay, water and a drop of lavender, bergamot or tea tree essential oil for the preparation of another effective mask. These essential oils are bactericidal and relaxing.