Diseases You Can Get From Your Air Conditioning


When the summer comes along with its high temperatures, it seems like the whole world is divided into two camps: those who cannot live without air conditioning and those who hate it with all their heart. But the problem is more serious: air conditioning is more dangerous than you think.

Today you will discover which diseases you can get because of the controversial device that saves or terrifies us during the summer!

Respiratory system disorders –  No matter how fresh is the air around you, you feel that the lungs don’t have the ability to inspire it. Air conditioning aggravates respiratory problems by proliferating bacteria and microorganisms responsible for the difficulty of inhaling and exhaling in a balanced way.

Legionary illness – If we still talked about breathing problems, let’s get to their worse shape, Legionnaire’s Disease, a form of severe pneumonia caused by Legionella pneumophila bacteria. The affection is not transmissible, but this isn’t the best news we can give you about it. Symptoms, which are fever, chills, cough, fatigue, headaches and muscles pain, decreased appetite, develop rapidly and may be fatal. Legionnaire’s disease prove to be more dangerous than many forms of pneumonia. The bacteria that causes this terrible affection can be found in lakes and rivers, but can be found today in swimming pools, humidifiers or air conditioners.

Dehydration –  Environments with air conditioning are drier and will have an unpleasant effect on your skin, which loses its softness and dehydrates faster.

Increases Chronic Disease Evolution – By diminishing normal body function, the air conditioning can also be responsible for accentuating chronic disease manifestations. Thus, if you have low blood pressure or suffer from arthritis or nephritis, you are much more affected by this device.