Clothing Items You Should Never Wear 2 Days In A Row


We all have those clothing items that we simply can not separate from. No matter how many clothes we have, we do what we do and we get to that pair of jeans that makes us look skinny. It’s normal to like some clothes, but that doesn’t mean it’s good to wear them for several days in a row.

Those around you are likely to see you as a carefree person, even though you wash yourself daily. However, the biggest problem that occurs in the case of clothes worn for several days in a row is that you can put your health in danger. Find out some clothing items you should never wear 2 days in a row.

Bra – Wearing the same bra for several days in a row, its elastic will not have time to return to its original shape and will lose its elasticity. The bra is wide and may even begin to unravel itself. Alternating your brasses every day, we give them the opportunity to rebuild their elasticity. However, there are also hygienic reasons for doing so. The bra must be left for at least one day in the closet until the next wearing, to dry and refresh. Thus, bacteria don’t have time to grow and multiply.

Underwear – Doctors advise us to change intimate lingerie daily, without exception. If we don’t, we risk serious health problems such as vaginal infections and urinary infections. Also, this piece of clothing needs to be replaced each year with a new one. Repeated wears make a good place to develop microbes.

Socks – Socks are the only piece of clothing that gets dirty in a few hours. Our feet sweat, whether we feel it or not. Repeated wearing of socks not only causes a very bad smell, but also predisposes ourselves to infections with different fungi. Leg bacteria can easily be transmitted to other parts of our body. Because of this, changing our socks should be part of our daily routine.

T-shirts- Especially when it’s hot outside and sweating, clothes that come in direct contact with our skin shouldn’t be worn for more than a day. Bacteria tend to grow in wet and warm environments, and materials such as polyester are a perfect environment. These artificial materials can turn the armpits area into a real place of infection, especially if you removed your hair recently.