Attract Positive Energy With This Simple Meditation Exercise


Everyone knows that negative thinking leads to negative results (financial, social or physical). But why is this happening? Everything around us is just energy. All energies carry a vibrational frequency so that similar energies become attracted to each other.

Our question is: when a negative thought brought a positive result? The answer is: never! Today I will present you some steps in order to learn to attract positive energy.

Step 1: Find a comfortable seat (or place)

Choose a very comfortable position for you, close your eyes and focus on inspiration and expiration through your nose. Notice as you begin to quit thinking about everything. Just be present in the moment, stay calm, enjoy nothing and pay attention at your breath, perhaps for the first time today. Now try to breathe more calmly and quietly. Inspire counting up to 4, then exhaling counting to 4-5 (longer expiration helps calm the body and mind).

Step 2: Press the center of your forehead

This region is also known as the third eye. With the index finger, press firmly for a few seconds, then release.

Step 3: Visualise an eye in the center of your forehead

Imagine that the eye begins to open. As you open the eyelid of the third eye, see yourself on an empty road. Don’t move. This is the road to your goals and dreams.

Step 4: Imagine your success

Be as creative as possible. Make your success look real. Try to feel like it’s happening right here right now.

Step 5: Continue with a statement

Typical statements about “I am …” (for example: I am an important person, I am a career woman). The statement must be a present statement, not a future intention. Say the statement 5-6 times and do it with emotion, with all your soul. Believe in what you say.

Step 6: Turn your attention to emotions

Bring an emotion (a joy) into your body. An emotion changes the body in a certain form. What emotion do you feel as a result of your goal / dream? Think of this joy for a long time and how it helps you to feel good.

Step 7: Put your energy / positive feeling in your thoughts

A feeling is a change in your mental state – how do you feel knowing that you have achieved your dream and that your life changed in a better way? Enjoy this feeling because it creates your vibration and is the gateway to attract the best in your life.

Step 8: Close the view with gratitude

Say at least 5 things for which you are grateful and are associated with your goal / dream directly or indirectly.

Step 9: Turn your attention to breathing

When you feel ready, open your eyes and take a few moments to feel this change of body and your mind. This meditation exercise can take between 5 and 15 minutes.

As the Buddha also said, “Thoughts become things,” so if you can dream it means you can achieve that dream.